Finding the groove

Hey friends!

After a LONG hiatus… I’M BACK!  I won’t bore you with the 101 reasons I essentially vanished from the writing world, but know I wasn’t static.  I completed my latest novel and spent more hours than I care to share slicing and dicing that bad boy.  On the bright side, it’s just about ready to go.  Let the querying begin!

I will say that part of my vanishing act dealt with finding my groove.  Who the heck do I want to be as a writer.  I don’t know about anybody else, but I’ve got story ideas coming out of my eyeballs. For so long I battled against fitting in to a certain category. (Aside from the speculative genres.) But during my hiatus I realized I need focus.  Floundering in ideas with no general direction is a detriment to my wannabe career.

After so painstakingly working on my last book, literally giving it more than a year of my life, I realized where my focus needs to be.  MG and YA speculative stories. These are the stories I love to write. These are the books I love to read. This is where I need to hang my hat.

I certainly don’t regret my older stories.  Future Savior will always have a piece of my heart!  And I certainly enjoyed working with Hunter, Yas, and Ellie in the Fury books, but I’m a kid at heart… I’m pretty sure I never matured past 16!  I need to focus on writing and reading MG and YA stories. I’ve found my groove!

Until next time friends, Happy Reading!