Jennifer Hartz attempted to write her first novel — an epic tale featuring fairies losing their magic wands to evil trolls — when she was six years old. She has been a fan of fantasy and sci-fi ever since. From the land of Mordor to a galaxy far, far away, Jennifer lomeves it all.

Now the author of 3 different speculative series and 12 novels, Jennifer continues to dive into the realm of the weird.  Never one to enjoy a “normal” tale, all of Jennifer’s stories branch off into the crazy, speculative genres – fantasy, sci-fi, paranormal, time-travel, dystopian… all the good stuff.

And don’t forget the heart in Hartz!  All of Jennifer Hartz’s tales have touch of romance.  From sweet middle school crushes in her Middle Grade novel, The Ghost Runner. To really heart-pounding romance scenes in her recent New Adult adventure Hunter’s Fury.  There’s got to be some love in the mix.

Born in Pittsburgh, but currently living in North Carolina with her amazing husband and beautiful son, Jennifer spends her days writing, reading, and dreaming up her next fantasy. Other than reading the Bible, Jennifer loves to read and write Speculative Fiction with romantic story lines and exciting twists… oh, and watch out for those cliffhangers!  They’re a Jennifer Hartz tradition.