Things… they are a changin’…

Hey friends,

As you may already know, my publisher, Desert Breeze Publishing, has closed.  Currently, my books are not available for purchase. I am truly saddened over this news, but wish only the best for the people at Desert Breeze. That company was warm and welcoming, uplifting and encouraging. The perfect place for a brand-new writer like me.

But when God closes one door, He opens another…

I have already found a publisher interested in my four book YA Superhero series, Heroes Of The Horde. Once I officially get the rights back to the series, I will polish it up and send it off to this new publisher.  *Fingers crossed* that they accept it.

As for The Future Savior Series… well, that is my most beloved series.  Not just by me, but it is also my most popular.  I think it deserves extra special care during this transition.  I plan to rewrite, reinvent, reimagine the series.  The crux and the heart of the story will remain the same, but I feel very strongly that it might do well as a YA series.  I’ll keep you posted as to how that process is progressing. 

I have another iron in the fire.  The Evil of Edynfell ~ The King’s Jewel is the first book in a brand new series I have been working on.  I am currently searching for a home for this story.  Please say a prayer that this series finds the perfect agent or publisher!

Of course there’s still The Fury Saga (Hunter’s Fury and Fury Vengeance) and The Ghost Runner. I am not actively looking for a home for these books just yet.  I think I’ll wait and see how things progress with the other items I’m juggling right now.

As sad as it is to see Desert Breeze Publishing close, I honestly feel encouraged right now.  I believe this move could be very good for my books and my writing.  Only time will tell, but I’m hopeful that big things are on the horizon.

Until next time friends!